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Are patients' perceptions of their physician's warmth and competence related to the outcomes of their chronic illness?

Qualities of patient-provider relationships may be especially important for patient who suffer from chronic illness and see providers repeatedly. This study aims to: 1. Longitudinally measure chronically ill patients' perceptions of how warm and competent their physician was during their most recent visit and, 2. Test whether these patient perceptions are related to outcomes of treatment, both psychological (e.g., stress) and physical (e.g., recovery time for major surgery).

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If you did not find your Data Item #1 in the dropdown selection above, please enter it here. Perceptions of physician's warmth and competence

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Data Item #2 History, health

Method #2 Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Specification #2 Once per year

Data Item #3 History, mental health

Method #3 Survey

Specification #3 Once per year

Data Item #4 Quality Of Life

Method #4 Survey

Specification #4 Once per year


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