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Are there diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers for cancer antigens within large random libraries of non-biological molecular shapes?

We developed a robust method to synthesize molecular libraries of non-biological molecular shapes (10^8 variant molecules) and then down-select individual ligands for diagnostics of disease states. We successfully applied the method to infectious and auto-immune diseases, and have explored the utility of tumor-associated antigens (TAA) and TAA antibodies as cancer biomarkers. We propose to use our innovative method as a TAA biomarker diagnostic for differential diagnosis of multiple cancers.

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Select your required Data Item #1, which is most important to your study. This would be an item that needs to be generated and collected from different sources using various procedures, tools, techniques, assays, etc. If not in the current selection, please enter it in the textbox below. Cancer incidence

By what method will Data Item #1 be obtained? This may Include procedures, tools, techniques, assays, and analytical approaches for the collection, measurement, or analysis of data. If you do not find the required method, you may enter it in the textbox below. Clinical diagnostic tests

Are there specifications that apply to the method by which Data Item #1 will be obtained, e.g., is the measurement taken once a year, every month, or some other variation? If you do not find your specification in the dropdown, you may enter it in the textbox below. At specified times anchored to the clinical event

Data Item #2 Clinical outcomes

Method #2 Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Specification #2 Continuous monitoring

If Data Item #3 was not in the dropdown, please enter it here Blood/serum draws

Method #3 Physical exam

If Method #3 was not in the dropdown, please enter it here phlebotomy

Specification #3 At specified times anchored to the clinical event


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