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Can improvement in emotional health using psychotherapy increase physical health while reducing risk factors of obesity.

Black Therapists Rock engages over 19,000 psychotherapists who work with vulnerable populations. We have noticed a correlation of improved health outcomes in clients who have utilized Internal Family Systems (IFS), a psychotherapy model that focuses on healing the emotional wounds developed in childhood. We wish to expand upon this data, by employing more therapists to use this model, while advocating/recruiting participants for the All of Us program.

The remaining questions allow you to outline in more detail the information needed to address your research question. The series of questions allow up to five entries. If you have more than five entries, please try to prioritize them and enter the remainder in the final field. When done, click Submit at the bottom. No

Select your required Data Item #1, which is most important to your study. This would be an item that needs to be generated and collected from different sources using various procedures, tools, techniques, assays, etc. If not in the current selection, please enter it in the textbox below. Depression

By what method will Data Item #1 be obtained? This may Include procedures, tools, techniques, assays, and analytical approaches for the collection, measurement, or analysis of data. If you do not find the required method, you may enter it in the textbox below. Clinical diagnostic tests

Are there specifications that apply to the method by which Data Item #1 will be obtained, e.g., is the measurement taken once a year, every month, or some other variation? If you do not find your specification in the dropdown, you may enter it in the textbox below. Quarterly

Data Item #2 History, mental health

Method #2 Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Specification #2 Once

Data Item #3 Weight

Method #3 Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Specification #3 Continuous monitoring

Data Item #4 Blood pressure

Method #4 Clinical diagnostic tests

Specification #4 At specified times anchored to the clinical event

Data Item #5 Behavioral measures

If Data Item #5 was not in the dropdown, please enter it here Report of behavioral changes related to lifestyle (diet, exercise, stress management, sleep, etc)

Method #5 Activity monitor

If Method #5 was not in the dropdown, please enter it here Self report, survey, etc.


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