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Develop and validate simple user friendly modalities to reduce patient wait times to improve cancer survival and outcomes

Mobile health platforms may be developed and validated to reduce patient wait times between primary care physician's referral and obtaining appropriate care from a specialist. The modalities may navigate patient in the identification of a specialist, making appointment with the specialist(s), facilitate faster diagnostics and treatment decisions, increase access to needed care, improve patient adherence to treatment and monitor quality of life while engaging patient in the care continuum.

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If you did not find your Data Item #1 in the dropdown selection above, please enter it here. Patient Wait Times

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If you did not find your method for obtaining Data Item #1 in the dropdown selection above, please enter it here. Simple patient oriented mobile solutions to capture information on wait times and outcomes.

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At any time point, we have hundreds of thousands of active clinical trails. However, in my own experience, access to these clinical trials is difficult to impossible. I failed 100% of the time to reach a research coordinator or a clinician listed on the clinical Phone numbers don't work or the people that answer the phones have no clue about the clinical trail. The clinicians never responded to emails. I am not sure whom the clinical trials are actually serving. Please study and evaluate the clinical trails. I am not talking about the clinical outcomes in the clinical trails, I am talking about the functions of clinical trails: access, equitable recruitment, geographic representation and care. The mobile solutions should facilitate communication with clinical trail study coordinator and participation of a patient in a clinical trail.


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