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To develop or optimize a non-invasive TECHNOLOGY that can be used to measure the experience of stress in children and adults.

The impact of psychosocial stress on child and adult health risk is increasingly appreciated. The measurement of this exposure is currently poor, and All of Us has the opportunity to develop or refine wearable technologies that could help push this field of research forward in a valid way for the future. Such technology could be a part of individual studies of stress and disease, and could also be used as a gold standard to develop and validate new and better surveys to measure stress.

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Select your required Data Item #1, which is most important to your study. This would be an item that needs to be generated and collected from different sources using various procedures, tools, techniques, assays, etc. If not in the current selection, please enter it in the textbox below. Stress

If you did not find your method for obtaining Data Item #1 in the dropdown selection above, please enter it here. wearable technology

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Data Item #2 Stress

Method #2 Survey

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