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What are the best diagnostic tests and thresholds for defining type 2 diabetes in Asian Americans?

Traditionally, occurrence of microvascular disease (retinopathy) has been used to define the glucose threshold by which diabetes should be defined. But these studies have come from mostly white/European/middle eastern populations. Do all ethnic groups have similar thresholds for diagnosis? Are certain diagnostic tests better for making the diagnosis of diabetes than others in select race/ethnic groups? The pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes may differ and we need to define subtypes of T2DM.

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Select your required Data Item #1, which is most important to your study. This would be an item that needs to be generated and collected from different sources using various procedures, tools, techniques, assays, etc. If not in the current selection, please enter it in the textbox below. Glucose

If Data Item #2 was not in the dropdown, please enter it here. 2-hour glucose tolerance test

Method #2 Blood test (SST tube)

If Method #2 was not in the dropdown, please enter it here hexokinase method for glucose assay

Specification #2 Every two years

Data Item #3 Hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C)



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