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AoU Research Priorities Use Cases

What are the health impacts of cannabis use in the US population?

Cannabis use is increasing with greater legalization; data on health consequences are limited. AllofUs could enable a comprehensive study of health impacts of cannabis use. Sufficient questions to characterize past and current use of the range of cannabis products would need to be added. Health outcome data from questionnaires and medical record linkage already being collected could be used. Existing biospecimens could... more »


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AoU Research Priorities Use Cases

Determine the long term pulmonary and cardiovascular consequences of premature birth from childhood into adulthood

This study will enroll premature infants at the time of birth, in order to follow the children in phases from birth to adulthood to test the central hypothesis that premature birth permanently impairs normal pulmonary and cardiovascular development, resulting in the development of common and rare cardiopulmonary conditions which reduce cardiopulmonary function throughout life. Phase one will study children from birth... more »