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AoU Research Priorities Use Cases

How does a life-long adherence to healthy life style habits affect the aging process?

Goal: Show that a strict, and life-long adherence to a healthy life style retards the aging process, enables you to avoid many common diseases, and allows you to greatly reduce healthcare costs.

Method: Invite participants from all over the world to commit to following a healthy life style regimen throughout life.

Expected outcomes: Participates age more slowly, have fewer chronic diseases, and spend less on health... more »


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AoU Research Priorities Use Cases

The effects of alcohol (and other drug) consumption on major somatic diseases and psychiatric disorders and their treatments.

Alcohol affects nearly all major diseases. Failing to capture lifetime alcohol exposure will adversely affect the goals of All of Us.

There are better questions about consumption, that should be asked of previous year, typical year and heaviest year.

Questions should be asked about problems due to alcohol, and those should be focused on lifetime.

Additional questions about other drugs should also be included.


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